Thassos Island is the most northerly of all the Greek Islands and can be found in the Aegean Sea nestled between the Halkidiki Peninsular and Kavala. Uniquely it is only 6 kilometres away from the nearest point of the mainland. Along with its stunning natural beauty this is one of the reasons for Thassos’s popularity. No lengthy ferry boat journeys, in fact you can reach Thassos in 35 minutes from the mainland port of Keramoti!

Thassos is almost circular and has a rugged beauty, with the Ipsarion Mountain range dominating the interior of the island. The mountains are covered in rich and dense forests, mainly pine but also plane and oak are dominant, there is even an ancient cedar forest. You will find mountain streams which cascade over waterfalls until ultimately reaching the sea and the wonderful beaches.

Astris or Astrida is located just a few kilometers away from Potos of Thassos. It is said that it took its name after the clear and starry sky of the summer nights.
The area has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters such as the well-organised Psili Ammos and Giola, an enclosed natural marine lake. Known are also the beaches of Salonikios, Saint Vasilis and Kalami.

Past Astrida you will find the Monastery of Archangel, a convent dedicated to the patron saint of the island, Michael Archangel. Built on the rocks in order to discern potential invaders, on time, from the sea and be protected from them, offers guests a breathtaking view of the Aegean.